Digitally printed laminating interlayers;

Digitally printed PET laminating interlayer;

Outstanding visuals printed, at a very high resolution, onto our optically clear laminating interlayer, perfect for encapsulation between 2 or more layers of glass either by EVA, PVB, TPU or cold pour lamination. By printing up to 3 layers, including white ink, we can create translucent, transparent & opaque images / designs, viewable from one or both sides of the glass, depending on your requirements.

We can also print onto our blockout white or diffuser PET laminating interlayer.

SentryGlas® Expressions™

The Printed Film Co Ltd are proud & delighted to announce that we are official partner approved resellers & distributors of Kuraray SentryGlas® Expressions™ (formerly Dupont SentryGlas® Expressions™), which perfectly complements our existing range of printed laminating interlayer products.

SentryGlas® Expressions™ interlayer’s are digitally printed in high definition using patent protected proprietary inkjet and specialised Butacite® PVB interlayer technology. The result is astonishing imagery / decorative graphics directly printed onto the PVB interlayer, which is then laminated within any required specification of safety glass to BS 112543.

Virtually any image can be reproduced in any colour (including white) and to varying degrees of vibrancy, density, opacity or translucency, as well as to certain predetermined light transmission parameters. The decorative laminated safety glass can be incorporated into a wide range of applications including; windows, doors, skylights, canopies, facades, curtain walls, storefronts, retail displays, glass balustrades, wall cladding, office partitions, glass floors & stairs etc…

The finished product can be installed either internally or externally & comes with a 10 year warranty against colour fastness.

Photo printed interlayer;

Digital C Type photographic print quality reproduced on either an optically clear laminating interlayer or onto a light diffusing laminating interlayer, which naturally diffuses a back lit light source, both are suitable for either EVA or PVB lamination within glass or mounting to the face of glass. Perfect for light boxes, bar fronts, POP displays, exhibitions etc…

Screen Printing;

Screen printing either onto our PET laminating interlayers or directly onto glass, using any colour as well as metallic ink colour options such as gold, silver, copper, bronze, chrome etc… in a matt, gloss, shimmer or glitter finish!

Direct printed glass;

Created by directly applying ceramic inks (including white) on the glass surface using a digital inkjet printer and then firing the glass in a furnace to bake on the inks for the life of the glass.

Laminated glass;

We manage the whole process;

  • Purchasing the specified glass; flat or curved (low iron, annealed, float, including notches, cut-outs, drill holes, polished edges, toughened, heat soaked, heat strengthened etc…)
  • Printing the required interlayers (onto optically clear, diffuser, white etc…)
  • Managing the lamination process (PVB, EVA, TPU etc…)
  • Delivering the finished laminated safety glass panels to site.
As well as our printed interlayers, we can also supply laminated glass encompassing the following interlayer options;
  • Vanceva Coloured PVB’s
  • Fabrics
  • Meshes
  • Mirror
  • Real wood veneers or any printed wood veneer effect that looks just like the real thing, but can be much wider and with significantly longer warranty!
  • Natural organic elements
  • Crystals
  • Dichroic
  • Real stone / marble or any printed marble effect that looks just like the real thing!
  • Switchable / smart film

Toughened glass to BS EN 12150, toughened laminated glass to BS EN 14449 and EN 12600.