Digitally printed optically clear PET window safety film.

Printed window film perfect for creating sensational bespoke manifestation, privacy, branding & graphics on glazing & glass partitions, whilst also complying with DDA regulations. Our printed film can be applied on either the internal or external face of glass to give stunning images / designs including effects such as seamless fades / graduations, very intricate designs, opaque, translucent or transparent graphics viewed the same from both sides, bespoke frost / white / colour densities to any Ral, Pantone, NCS etc… All of which are not achievable in traditional vinyl.

We can now also offer metallic ink options such as gold, silver, copper, bronze, chrome etc… in a matt, gloss, shimmer or glitter finish onto our optically clear window film!

The film is as clear as the glass it is applied to, making the images seem as though they are printed directly on the glass! The inks cure onto the film and are therefore scratch resistant. The film also makes the glass shatterproof to British and European Standards; BS 6206 and EN 12600. The adhesive layer contains UV inhibitors, which block out 99% of the incoming UV rays from the sun, stopping fixtures, fittings, furnishings, stock etc…. from fading. We print on various grades of either high tack or low tack adhesive films from 2mil / 50 micron up to the heavier gauge bomb blast films. We generally print on 4mil / 100 micron film as this covers most requirements within one installation. We offer a 12 year warranty on our printed film when fitted internally, we offer a 7 year warranty on our external grade printed film.