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CMA Masjid

We have recently completed a £300K contract to design, supply and install aluminium windows, doors and curtain wall stick work, along with double glazed units encapsulating a digitally printed ceramic frit design, toughened baked into the surface of the glass. Originally this pattern was going to be produced in forged wrought iron fretwork but it was quickly realised that this was a health & safety issue, given that it would act as a natural climbing frame up to the rooftop! The Architects therefore asked us if we could achieve a similar 3D effect in printed glass. We produced sample units, for sign off, with the larger lighter coloured outer circles (to a specific RAL colour) as a ceramic frit print to face#2 and the darker smaller inner circles (to a specific RAL colour) to face#6 of the units. The gap between the printed surfaces (being on either side of the spacer within the units) giving the depth / 3D effect. The job was then produced in the same way, with all the glass being in toughened / toughened laminated to comply with barrier & wind load bearing calculations. Spandrel panels were also required with an opaque colour behind (to a specific RAL colour) to hide the floor voids. We also applied foil backed insulation to the back of these spandrel glass units prior to installation. 

CMA install pic.jpg
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