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We are very proud to have played a pivotal role, over the last 3+ years, in manufacturing and delivering route wide wayfinding laminated glass signage for Crossrail. A significant seven figure contract for us, we have been responsible for supplying most of the laminated glass wayfinding signage within the majority of the stations for the Crossrail project.

Within the contract we have mainly supplied 6+6mm low iron, toughened, curved, PVB laminated glass, encapsulating our opaque white PET film interlayer, on which we printed the wayfinding graphics. The curved / bent glass radius being the same as the tunnel walls. The large curved laminated glass panels being structurally back bonded into the rear stainless steel frames and seamlessly slotted in between the tunnel cladding sections.

Most of stations also have numerous totems, stood majestically mid passage, to direct people from both sides. We supplied all the laminated glass panels which make up these totems.

Thousands of other panels were also required for Exit guides, ‘Way out’ patches, bench, plinth and wall roundels, wall cladding, leaky feeder glass friezes etc…

We also arranged the third-party testing and gaining approval of our laminated safety glass to Crossrail blast standards and London Underground fire standards.

Stations supplied include; Farringdon, Tottenham Court Road, Liverpool St, Bond St, Paddington, Canary Wharf, Whitechapel, Custom House, Abbey Wood, Hackney Wick, Woolwich etc…

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